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Gift card

Offer a Gîtes de France® gift card

Discover the Gîtes de France® gift card, the "ideal" present to make a friend or relative happy…

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    Choose your amount
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    Place an order and select a payment method
  • Shipping method
    Choose the mode of delivery by e-mail or by post (when the service is offered)
  • Confirmation
    Receive immediate confirmation by email !
Gîtes de France gift card

I choose the amount of my gift card

Minimum amount: €20
Duration of validity: 5 years

Our Gîtes de France® gift card can be used in all bookable accommodation on the website
For more information on our terms of use, see below.

Our conditions of use

How to use the gift card ?

What are the conditions for purchasing a gift card ?

How long is a gift card valid for ?

What are the delivery times and methods ?

I have not received the gift card, what should I do ?

What if the purchase amount is higher than the gift card ?

If the purchase amount is less than the value of the gift card, will I be refunded the difference ?

Specific conditions of use of the gift card