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Holiday rentals in Gîtes de France® campsites.

Book your holiday rental in Gîtes de France® campsites. Camper vans, mobile homes, chalets, tents

Camping Chalet

Are you thinking of setting your tent, your caravan or your camper van in the midst of nature for your holidays?

We give you the choice between:
- The "NATURE CAMPSITES": these are privileged destinations, since there are no more than 25 plots, each with a surface area of between 300 and 400 sq. metres.
You'll be able to make the most of the natural environment in a friendly atmosphere, and leisure equipment is at your disposal. You can also taste the riches of our regions with local farm produce.
These campsites are situated on a grassy terrain that is shaded and well-oriented, that is accessible in all conditions and that can accommodate camper vans. Depending on their level of comfort they are classified between 1 and 4 "épis" (ears of wheat).
- The "TRADITION CAMPSITES": they consist of a maximum of 150 plots of between 80 and 100 sq. metres, with activities and leisure equipment to make the holidays enjoyable for all the family.
Some of these campsites can accommodate camper vans, and rent chalets and mobile homes for a new type of open-air camping. They are classified between 1 and 4 star depending on the type and amount of leisure equipment that they offer.
- The CHALET/MOBILE HOME VILLAGES: situated in a protected natural environment, the chalet/mobile home villages welcome you and enable you to do several activities onsite (fishing, mountain-biking, horse-riding, archery, etc.).
They generally offer a holiday rental for between 4 and 6 persons and have at least a lounge with a kitchenette, one bedroom and a bathroom.

Camping car, mobil-home, chalet, tente

Enjoy a setting conducive to relaxation and rest in a preserved environment !