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Hébergement de prestige

Hébergement de prestige

Hébergements de prestige

We invite you to experience exceptional moments with the selection of 5 épis "Prestige" accommodation from Gîtes de France®. Either in guest rooms or in lodges, in a huge house or an intimate place, you will appreciate the excellence of comfort, refinement, the exceptional environment and always the personalized welcome combining warmth and discretion. And because luxury takes all the forms that your imagination will lend it, the diversity of Gîtes de France® labeled accommodation will inevitably satisfy you.

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Our selection of accommodations

Guest house

Le Pré Oudot


14 people 5 bedrooms
From €100 / night


Gîtes Ango (Les) -

in Sainte-Suzanne - La Réunion

8 people 3 bedrooms


La Maison du Daim

in BELLE VIE EN AUGE - Calvados

7 people 3 bedrooms
Reviews ( 4.6/5 )
From €2,200 / week