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Find out about our 141 bed and breakfast and 38 holiday rentals who welcome you to their tables d'hôtes, or propose cookery lessons or the opportunity to taste and buy the local products. Whether it's a foie gras or truffle-themed holiday, or the opportunity of eating a gourmet meal in the company of a host who is a self-confessed foodie, you'll have loads of excuses to delve into France's tasty regions.

séjours gourmet

Guest house

Le Château

in Fresnoy-en-Gohelle - Pas-de-Calais

6 people 1 bedroom
From €125 / night

Guest house

Les Acacias

in Treuzy-Levelay - Seine-et-Marne

4 people 1 bedroom
From €85 / night

Guest house


in Kruth - Haut-Rhin

4 people
From €82 / night

Guest house

A Nousta

in Loubajac - Hautes-Pyrénées

12 people
From €55 / night


La Croisée

in Ourches - Drôme

36 people
From / week

Guest house

Le Tilleul

in Vielle-Louron - Hautes-Pyrénées

15 people
From €70 / night