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Find out about our 252 bed and breakfast and 5611 holiday rentals by the sea, on the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, Manche, North Sea, in the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean. We have a wide variety of destinations where you can renew you energy, relax and have a grest time surrounded by cliffs, sandy or pebble beaches, and protected dunes and creeks. After a dip in the sea, a surf session or sailing, what about tucking into some wonderful seafood?

séjours à la mer


Pen lan

in Kerfot - Côtes-d'Armor

6 people 3 bedrooms
From €380 / week

Guest house


in Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes - Ille-et-Vilaine

7 people 2 bedrooms
From €45 / night


Gîte Rose

in Pleuven - Finistère

4 people 2 bedrooms
From €480 / week

Guest house

Spitz Jacqueline

in Sarzeau - Morbihan

2 people 1 bedroom
From €62 / night


Le Grand Large

in Dieppe - Seine-Maritime

5 people 2 bedrooms
From €390 / week



in Préfailles - Loire-Atlantique

3 people 1 bedroom
From €305 / week