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Holiday rentals Doubs

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Gites de France Doubs

You can follow the mountain bike itineraries under the cliffs of the Mont d'Or. You might want to head towards the paths of Entre-les-Fourgs for hiking in the mountains with your family. From there you will be able to get to the path of the Tour du Lac at Malbuisson. Your seasonal rental in Franche-Comté will take you to a Nordic skiing paradise. With its soft slopes and its Nordic style environment you will be able to try out some winter sports, then you will be able to get back to Métabief to spend an afternoon skiing in the Jura. 

Book your skiing rental in the Haut Doubs and enjoy the slopes in the area of Super Longevilles and Piquemiette. Live under the "roofs of the Doubs" in summer and try out summer sledging in the Fourgs. Enjoy your stay in the Doubs, discover its heritage and rent a chambre d'hôtes in Besançon. Visit its citadel, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, enjoy its views and stroll in the aisles of the Musée des Beaux Arts. At the end of the day you will get back to the outskirts of the town for a picnic by the Boucle Verte.

La Citadelle de Besançon

Chef-d’œuvre de Vauban, inscrit au Patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO 

Le Château de Joux

Le Château de Joux vous accueille au cœur d’un site d’exception

Métabief Mont d'Or

Eté comme hiver des activités multiples à partager en famille avec un magnifique panorama sur la chaîne des Alpes !