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Holiday rentals in gîtes by Gîtes de France®

Le gîte une maison de location de vacances

Holiday rentals in gîtes, group gîtes and children's gîtes by Gîtes de France®

Whether you're looking for a holiday for two or for a group, we have various options:

- The gîte, a house just for you...
This is the ideal holiday house for spending time with your family or with your friends. A gîte is an independent rental rented per week (usually from Saturday to Saturday), for a weekend or for short stays at certain periods. Each gîte is comfortably furnished to let you make the most of the pleasures of a house with a living room, bedrooms, bathrooms and a kitchen.

Une maison rien que pour vous !

- The group gîte, for the pleasure of being together...
These large gîtes (for 12 to 100 persons) are great for groups of friends and for families that want to come together for a weekend or for the holidays. They are also ideal for groups looking for a venue for seminars, nature classes, discovery workshops, or as a stopover for hikers.
- Children's gîtes, give them fun-filled holidays...
Approved families welcome your children between the ages of four and 15 years old in the countryside, by the sea or in the mountains during the school holidays.

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